Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Slovakia Adopts Euro!

On January 1, 2009 Slovakia became the 16th Eurozone country to begin using the Euro as it’s official currency, replacing the Slovak Koruna (SKK). The decision to accept Slovakia as a euro-using country was made by the European Union on July 8, 2008.

Both the Koruna and the Euro will be able to be used in every day transactions until January 17, 2009, when only the Euro will become acceptable currency. The Koruna will continue to be accepted at banks in exchange for Euro free of charge, with an exchange rate of €1 = SKK 30.1260, until June 30th for coins and December 31, 2009 for banknotes. After these dates a fee will apply for exchange which will last up until December 31, 2013. On January 1, 2014 the Koruna will no longer be accepted for exchange. The country of Slovakia has been a member of the European Union since May 2004.

There are 3 separate designs for the Slovakian Euro coins. The first, for the 1c, 2c and 5c coins was designed by Drahomír Zobek and features Krivan, a symbolic mountain in the High Tatras.

1 Cent

2 Cent

5 Cent

The second design, by Jan Cernaj and Pavol Karoly, features a rendering of Bratislava Castle and adorns the 10c, 20c and 50c coins.

10 Cent

20 Cent

50 Cent

The final design, featured on the €1 and €2 bi-metallic coins, was created by Ivan Rehak and shows the Slovakian coat of arms depicting the double cross on three hills.

1 Euro

2 Euro

To prepare the citizens of Slovakia for the change over, the Bank of Slovakia issued Euro Starter Packs containing a number of euro coins in each denomination. As these packs were issued for the sole purpose of assisting in the currency transition from Koruna to Euro they are very scarce outside of Slovakia itself. Euro Collections has been lucky enough to get their hands on a small number of the Slovakian Euro Starter Packs and they are currently available on our website along with the last coin set issued from Slovakia containing Koruna coins.