Thursday, December 17, 2009

Introducing The Somalia 2009 Tutankhamun Treasures Gold-Plated Proof Collection

Celebrating the timeless iconography of Ancient Egypt, the Commonwealth Mint in conjunction with the government of the Federal Republic of Somalia, has released the 2009 "Treasures of Tutankhamun" 5-coin, gold-plated collection. This commemorative proof quality coin set, enhanced with dazzling colour, is a stunning tribute to the young Pharaoh and the artifacts found within his tomb. It is actually the third time the collection has been released in as many years, however the 2009 issue steps up the value and quality with an eye-catching display case and inclusion of a statue of the Egyptian God, Anubis.

Somalia 2009 250 Shillings Tutankhamun Treasures Gold-Plated Proof Collection

Inspired by the treasures found in the tomb of Tutankhamun, which were famously exhibited around the world between 1972 and 1979, each of the 5 coins in the collection features a design of one of the artifacts found amongst the young Pharaoh's possessions. In 2007 the treasures were once again put on tour and to coincide with that the first set of Tutankhamun Treasures coins were released. For 3 years now the collection has been offered, each time the same stunning designs are put on show in high quality proof condition, enhanced with vibrant colour and layered in the world's most favorite precious metal.

The five reverse designs are:

1. The magnificent Gold Mask of Tutankhamun
2. The golden statue of the god Ptah
3. The golden statue of the falcon-headed god Horus
4. The large Scarab Necklace for Tutankhamun to wear across his chest
5. The protective powers of the Udjat Eye

The common obverse features the cartouche of Tutankhamun surrounded by the inscription "THE TREASURES OF TUTANKHAMUN", with the denomination and year of issue below, and in the side panels a representation of the young king seated.

Somalia 2009 250 Shillings Tutankhamun Treasures Gold-Plated Proof Collection

What separates this set from the collections of previous years is the eye-catching way in which it is presented. the five 38mm proof coins are housed in a high-quality "tomb-style" presentation box, complete with hieroglyphs molded into the outer surface. Lifting the lid shows the elegant interior, with the coins nestled in satin-like fabric lining. Completing the collection for 2009 is the addition of a beautifully crafted replica statue of the famed jackal-headed Egyptian God, Anubis. The statue itself measures an impressive 190mm, and is shown holding a staff. The collections is topped off by a Certificate of Authenticity.