Friday, February 26, 2010

Niue Island and Mint of Poland Present Faberge Coronation Egg Silver Coin!

An inspiring new coin from the Mint of Poland, recognised as among the most innovative, most insightful issuing authorities in Europe, this massive 56.56g Silver Proof pays homage to one of the most famous pieces of jewellery in history – the Faberge Coronation Egg of the last Russian Tsar, Nicholas II.

Niue Island 2010 $2 Faberge Coronation Egg Silver Proof

Symbolising the luxury and extravagance associated with the heyday of European Royalty, the Faberge Coronation Egg was made in 1897 to honour the official investiture of Nicholas II as Tsar of Russia in 1896. A breathtaking combination of gold, diamonds and intricate enamelling, it is considered a masterpiece of the jeweller’s art. One of a range of Eggs created for the Romanov Dynasty by Peter Carl Faberge, the Egg opened to reveal a superb miniature of the ‘Gold Coach’ – built in 1793 for Catherine the Great and used in the 1896 Coronation procession.

Portraying the Faberge Coronation Egg upon it’s broad 41.6mm x 55.6mm elliptical flan, united with a depiction of the Gold Coach, this majestic $2 coin will make a fascinating, unique addition to any collection. Crafted to the most rigorous standards, we have been granted an allocation of the 2010 $2 Faberge Coronation Egg Silver Proof as official distributor for the Mint of Poland – but our stocks won’t last for long!