Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Downies ECI Doing Their Part For The Conservation of Tasmanian Devil

To a lot of people outside of Australia, particularly in the US, the name "Tasmanian Devil" most likely conjeurs up images of the Bugs Bunny Show, where a cartoon tornado would whirl into view and out would pop a growling, snarling, crazy beast! The real-life Tasmanian Devil is native to the island of Tasmania off the Australian South-East coast. Like it's cartoon cousin it also has a reputation for being snarly and cantankerous (although this is more myth than anything else and Devils will sooner flee than attack humans), but due to a rare form of facial tumour that is contagious amongst the Devil population, this small but fearsome native animal is quickly becoming endangered.

First seen in 1996, devil facial tumour disease (DFTD) has ravaged Tasmania's wild devils, and estimates of the impact range from 20% to as much as a 50% decline in the devil population, with over 65% of the state affected. The disease is an example of a transmissible cancer, which means that it is contagious and passed from one animal to another.

The Devils @ Cradle Tasmanian devil Sanctuary focuses on Tasmania's three carnivorous marsupials, concentrating primarily on the Tasmanian devil but including both the Eastern and Spotted - tail Quoll. The Devils @ Cradle Sanctuary breeding program is vital to the long term conservation of the Tasmanian Devil which is now threatened by Facial Tumour Disease. This allows for sustainable breeding with the intention of release into the wild. For further information, see

Downies/ECI is the proud sponsor of "Mortimer", a young Tasmanian Devil at the Devils @ Cradle Tasmanian Devil Sanctuary. We encourgage our valued clients to visit the Devils @ Cradle Sanctuary website and take part in this worthwhile conservation program.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Perth Mint Unveil Their September New Releases!

September 4, 2012 - The Perth Mint has released a stunning array of new issues to excited collectors this month. At the top of everyone's wish list are the 2013 Lunar Snake Silver & Gold coins - the silver of which sold out at ECI within 10 minutes! Below is a showcase of some of the other amazing products on offer this month.

Australia 2012 $1 High Relief Koala 1oz Silver Proof

A sparkling celebration of Australia's internationally renowned bush icon, and a potent illustration of the unparalleled precious metal expertise of the Perth Mint, Downies is delighted to be able to unveil Australia's very first $1 Koala High Relief Silver Proof!

A massive 50% thicker than a standard Silver Proof, with this chunky coin measuring 6mm in width, the 2012 $1 Koala High Relief 1oz Silver Proof is, like all Perth Mint High Relief coinage, most notable for the exquisite depth and detail in the designs. Struck on concave surfaces to guarantee that the most advantageous flow of the pure .999 silver is achieved by the strike of the die, the enchanting one-year-only 'sleepy koala' design looks truly amazing when crafted to this impeccable standard.

Australia 2013 50c Birds of Australia - Black Cockatoo 1/2oz Silver Proof

A sensational start to what is sure to prove yet another major global hit for Australia's own Perth Mint, we are delighted to unveil the brand new 2013 50c Birds of Australia Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo 1/2oz Silver Proof!

Large, loud and found right across Australia, the internationally renowned Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo forms an ideal subject for the Perth Mint's wondrous full-colour minting techniques. Contrasting beautifully against the shimmering silver surface of the near crown-sized 36.60mm flan, the distinctive black and red plumage of this Australian native parrot has been perfectly recreated by the craftsmen at the Perth Mint.

Australia 2012 $1 Young Collectors - Rhinoceros Beetle BU

Official, affordable and, with a mere 7,500 coins struck, extremely exclusive for a BU coin, this Australian legal tender release from the Perth Mint forms a fine tribute to the Rhinoceros Beetle – one of the world's great weightlifting wonders!

A must-have for any Australian coin collector, the 2012 $1 Rhinoceros Beetle Al-Br BU carries an eye-catching design upon its 30.60mm flan, with a fully struck-up appreciation of this fierce fighter set against a vivid full-colour backdrop. Presented within an official Perth Mint card, packed with illustrations and information about the Rhino Beetle, the Official Issue Price has been set at a mere A$14.95 – outstanding value-for-money for a full-colour Australian legal tender coin!