Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Perth Mint Release 5th Coin In Highly Popular Deadly And Dangerous Series!

A spectacular addition to one of Australia’s hottest series, the latest issue in the Australian Deadly & Dangerous Series has just been unveiled! A typically superb illustration of The Perth Mint’s unrivalled full colour minting techniques, this vivid new legal tender collector coin pays homage to one of the world’s most lethal creatures – the Eastern Brown Snake.

Tuvalu 2010 $1 Easter Brown Snake 1oz Silver Proof

Fast and aggressive, the Eastern Brown Snake is also extremely poisonous. Indeed, the venom of the Eastern Brown Snake is said to be the second most toxic of all land snakes worldwide! Exceptionally dangerous, the bite of this species of snake can cause death in minutes, with even a young Eastern Brown Snake potentially able to deliver enough venom in a single bite to kill 20 adults. Growing to an average length of 1.4m, but known to grow up to 2.4m, the aggression of this lethal reptile has been captured perfectly upon the broad, 40.6mm flan of this unique, exclusive 1oz .999 fi ne Silver Proof.

Sure to catch the eye of full-colour coin collectors worldwide, the 2010 $1 Eastern Brown Snake Colour 1oz Silver Proof is essential for those who own any of the coins in the Deadly & Dangerous Series – all of which have sold out. Rarely offered, the soaring market values of the 2006 Redback Spider $1 (now A$1,000+), 2007 Great White Shark $1 (A$170+), 2008 Blue-Ringed Octopus $1 (A$200+) and 2009 Saltwater Crocodile $1 (A$165+) provides a very strong incentive for our clients to strike now – and secure the 2010 Deadly & Dangerous $1 at Official Issue Price!

  • Distinguished by a dramatic full-colour design of Australia’s lethal Eastern Brown Snake
  • Tiny worldwide mintage just 5,000 – sell-out assured
  • Crafted to Proof quality from 1oz of pure .999 silver
  • Struck by The Perth Mint as official Tuvalu legal tender of One Dollar
  • Beautifully presented within a high-gloss timber case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity

Monday, April 12, 2010

Remarkable Antiqued Silver Coin Pair Paying Tribute To Barack Obama And Martin Luther King Jr.

Issued under the authority of the Cook Islands, this unique pair of antiqued silver coins pays tribute to two men who have come to stand for change in the United States - focusing on their most important speeches for social cooperation.

Cook Islands 2010 $5 Barack Obama & Martin Luther King Silver BU Pair

Under the banner of "Freedom - Equality - Unity" the coins pay respectful tribute to the current President of the United States, Barack Obama, and the iconic leader of the African American civil rights movement, Martin Luther King Jr. Each man, in his own way, has become an important figure for change in the United States, coming to symbolise the unity of a nation proud of it's dedication to work towards freedom and equality of all people regardless of race or religion.

This unique pair of coins each feature an iconic portrait of the men, designed in such a way as to almost mirror one another, much as their progress toward change has been a reflection of one another. Adding to the innovation, the design of Barack Obama is created in standard relief while Martin Luther King's portrait has been struck incuse, so as to be below the surface of the coin. Known famously for his "I have a dream" speech on August 28, 1963, as well his unswerving dedication to the emancipation of African Americans under an oppressive society, Martin Luther King Jr would surely have seen the election of President Obama in 2008 (45 years later) as a great step forward in equal rights. It is with that focus on unity that this pair of coins were produced. Above each portrait is the name and a quote from their most iconic speeches.

The coins have undergone a special minting process, giving them an "antiqued" appearance that adds quality and dignity to the pair of coins, each struck from 25 grams of 92.5% sterling silver.

The pair are presented in a special timber lift-top box and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, confirming the strictly limited worldwide mintage of just 2500 pairs.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Royal Spanish Mint Honour 2010 EU Presidency With Commemorative Silver Coin

The celebrate the country of Spain being appoined as joint president of the EU in 2010, the Royal Spanish Mint have produced this lasting tribute coin struck in high quality silver proof.

Spain 2010 10€ EU Presidency Silver Proof

The presidency is in some regards executed in a shared manner in order to cope with the rather short six month term of the presidency. Three successive presidents forming a "triple-shared presidency" work together over a 1.5 year period to accomplish a common agenda by the current president simply continuing the work of the previous "lead-president" after the end of his/her term. This process also allows new member states to hold the presidency sooner, and at the same time the triplets are arranged so that, in each of them, there are both new and old member states, with the assumption that the old member states will pass their experience to the co-presidency new-members. Spain will share EU presidential duties with both Belgium and Hungary over the 18 month period from January 2010 until June 2011.

The reverse bears a central depiction of a column with interlaced lines symbolizing a coming together of flags. The area above this features the logotype created for the Spain/Belgium/Hungary team presidency, shaped with the lower-case letters "eu". Around the rim of the coin to the left is the commemoration inscription, while to the right is the nominal face value of 10 Euro and the 12 stars of the EU in a spiral pattern. The obverse carries the familiar effigy of His Majesty King Juan Carlos, together with his name and title and the year of issue.

This historic silver coin release is presented in the official blue Royal Spanish Mint jewel case and is accompanied with an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the limited mintage of just 10,000 coins issued worldwide.

Perth Mint Issues Prestigious Gold Coin Tribute To Iconic Australian Bushranger

The ultimate tribute to Australia’s world famous bushranger, this flawless new legal tender $25 coin unites the latest in minting technology with the beauty, purity and luxury of the world’s favourite precious metal. As exclusive as it is eye-catching, the Ned Kelly $25 1/4oz Gold Proof is destined to be one of the ‘Coins of 2010’.

Tuvalu 2010 $25 Ned Kelly 1/4oz Gold Proof

A unique blend of history, quality and innovation, the Ned Kelly $25 1/4oz Gold Proof represents a glowing tribute to the expertise of the precious metal specialists at the Perth Mint. Demonstrating the Mint’s mastery of full-colour technology, the 22.6mm flan of this unique legal tender type is graced with a superb design. Contrasting against the pure, lustrous .9999 gold, the striking portrayal of Ned is complemented perfectly by a design of the helmet from the armour suit Ned wore at the final showdown at Glenrowan.
With the Mint striking just 1,000 examples for worldwide distribution, it will be a race against time to own one. Certain to be pursued by gold collectors, as well as those seeking a prestigious tribute to Ned in the 130th anniversary year of his death, the only question is when – not if – this Australian made Gold Proof will sell out.


In 2010, we mark the 130th Anniversary of the death of Ned Kelly. Although opinion will always be divided – to some a working class hero, to others a criminal – no one has captured the public imagination quite like Australia’s most notorious bushranger.

Involved in cattle rustling in the 1870s, Ned’s transition from minor criminal to fully-fledged bushranger was triggered when he and brother Dan were accused of the attempted murder of a trooper in 1878. With a price on their heads, Ned and Dan took to the bush, where Joe Byrne and Steve Hart soon joined them.

The reward for each Kelly Gang member was raised to £1,000 after the outlaws confronted a search party at Stringybark Creek, shooting Sergeant Kennedy and Constables Lonigan and Scanlon dead. That reward rose to an incredible £2,000 per man following the bank robberies in Euroa, Victoria and Jerilderie, NSW.

The gang then disappeared from view for over a year, until June 1880. Killing former friend Aaron Sherritt in revenge for a perceived betrayal, the gang set out for Glenrowan, taking 70 people hostage in the hotel. It would be here that the Kellys’ last stand was to take place, and where the gang’s famous suits of armour would make their one and only appearance in battle.

With Joe Byrne killed by police, and Steve Hart and Dan Kelly committing suicide, Ned was the sole survivor of the gun battle, and was sent to Melbourne to stand trial. Sentenced to death for the murder of Lonigan at Stringybark Creek, and with pleas to have the sentence commuted ignored, Ned was led to the gallows at Melbourne Gaol on 11 November 1880 – exactly 130 years ago.

Monday, April 5, 2010

New Zealand Issues Impressive Maori Heitiki One Ounce Gold Coin

New Zealand is known around the globe to be home to some of the world’s most spectacular and picturesque natural treasures, and now to add to this, they have created one of the most awe-inspiring numismatic treasures of today – the 2010 $10 Maori Art Heitiki 1oz Gold Proof!

New Zealand 2010 $10 Maori Art Heitiki 1oz Gold Proof

Forged from 1oz of .9999 pure gold and produced to the highest standard of craftsmanship, the $10 Heitiki Gold coin is the very definition of New Zealand ‘taonga’ (treasure). Flawlessly struck to proof quality, the massive 40.6mm diameter gold reverse depicts an incredibly detailed Heitiki symbol, framed by two elegant Huia bird feathers, with the obverse containing the traditional
portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

What truly sets this wondrous coin apart from all others is its one-of-a-kind packaging. Each 1oz Maori Art Heitiki Gold Proof is offered in a specially crafted ‘waka huia’ (treasure box) that has been uniquely designed by Warren McGrath, master carver to the Maori King! The waka huia case features a carved handle at each end in the shape of a ‘kooruru’ (owl face) and the lid is beautifully adorned with a special ‘rau-tawa’ engraved design which symbolises the bounty that is gathered from ‘Te wao nui a Tane’ (New Zealand native forest). Made from 45,000-year-old New Zealand swamp kauri, each case is unique in its appearance and perfectly reflects the premium status of this precious gold coin. The overall presentation is completed by the accompaniment of an innovative and individually numbered Authentication Booklet, detailing the intriguing stories surrounding the Heitiki and exclusive waka huia packaging.

A natural successor and partner to the New Zealand 2004 Pukaki Gold Proof – sold out in a matter of weeks and now close to impossible to find – this truly special coin has a strictly limited mintage of just 500 coins worldwide! With a sell-out all but assured, Downies has offered only its top customers the opportunity to secure what is sure to be one of this year's most memorable releases.