Monday, October 5, 2009

Germany Issues Silver Coins To Mark 100th Anniversary Of First Youth Hostel

August 13, 2009: To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the very first youth hostel, and the growth of the German Youth Hostel Association and Hostelling International (formerly International Youth Hostel Federation), the Karlsruhe mint in German has issued a silver proof and silver BU coin as part of the regular German silver coin program.

Germany 2009 10€ Youth Hostels Silver Proof

The very first youth hostel was started by schoolteacher Richard Schirrmann and conservationist Wilhelm M√ľnker in 1909 in the town of Altena (Nordrhein-Westfalen) in Germany's west. Their plan was to offer cheap overnight accommodation to students on school tours travelling the German countryside. This first hostel was located in Schirrmann's own school at Altena, although it was moved to Altena Castle in 1912 where it still opwerates today.

The idea of youth hostels quickly spread, first throughout Germany and then the rest of the world. In 1919 Schirrmann founded the German Youth Hostel Association, and in 1932 the International Youth Hostel Federation was started. Later this would become Hostelling International, which overseas more than 4000 youth hostels worldwide. Youth hostels, know no longer exclusive to the young and more often called backpacker hostels, provide affordable temporary accommodation throughout the world for travellers all over the globe. While some are simply nothing more than a room to sleep in, others have transformed over the years to become a home away from home for backpackers, with bars, karaoke, tours and other activities designed to bring travellers together.

As is the tradition with silver coins issued from the various German mints, the two coins released to celebrate the youth hostel anniversary feature the same design while being of differing quality. The reverse of each coin featured the modern logo of the German Youth Hostel Association, with the anniversary inscribed inside it. Below is an image of the town of Altena, where the first hostel is located, while below that are the years of the anniversary.

Germany 2009 10€ Youth Hostels Silver BU

The obverse carries the Eagle motif, State Emblem of the Federal Republic of Germany. The Eagle has been designed to compliment the reverse image. Also on this side is the country and year of issue, together with the nominal face value of 10 euro.

Each coin is struck from 18 grams of 92.5% sterling silver from a 32.50mm disc, either in brilliant uncirculated condition or in high quality proof standards. The Proof coin is supplied in a capsule, while the BU edition comes in a protective plastic flip.

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