Thursday, November 12, 2009

Germany 1972 10 Deutschmark Silver Coins Issued For The Munich Olympic Games

In 1972 the German mints produced a voluminous series of silver coins to celebrate the games of the 20th Olympiad, held in Munich that same year. Six differently themed coins were produced, in both silver proof and silver uncirculated quality, from 4 of the 5 German Mints (Berlin did not participate), possibly creating, at an extraordinary 48 individual releases, the largest single-focused coin series ever.

The six themes covered were "In Deutschland", "Schleife", "Athletes", "Stadium", "In Munchen" & "Flame". Each theme was offered as a proof quality coin, struck from 15.50 grams of 62.5% silver on a 33mm flan, as well as an uncirculated version with the same specifications.

Germany 1972 10DM Olympics In Deutschland Silver Coin

In Deutschland - The reverse features the spiral symbol used as the logo for the 1972 Olympic Games. Around the rim of the coin is the inscription (in German) "Games of the XX Olympiad 1972 - In Deutschland". The obverse features the Eagle, Emblem for the Federal Republic of Germany, designed using the same style features as the reverse image.

Germany 1972 10DM Olympic Schleife Silver Coin

Schleife - Honoring the municipality of Schleife in northeast Saxony. The word "Schleife" literally means "knot" and a stylised knot of cloth is features on the Reverse of the coin, with the common obverse design of the Eagle styled after it.

Germany 1972 10DM Olympic Athletes Silver Coin

Athletes - The athletes coin design features two kneeling sports people. The male figure is holding a ball or shot-put on his shoulder, while the female beside him is carrying a baton used in relay racing. Again, the obverse, with denomination and country of issue, shows the Federal Republic of Germany Eagle emblem stylised to complement the reverse design.

Germany 1972 10DM Olympic Stadium Silver Coin

Stadium - Paying tribute to the main Olympic Stadium located in Munich's north, as part of Olympiapark Munchen, the reverse design features an aerial view of the outlay of the Olympic stadium grounds, with the main arena off to the left. The obverse Eagle motif is quite a departure from previous designs in the Olympic series.

Germany 1972 10DM Olympics In Munchen Silver Coin

In Munchen - The "In Munchen" coin was released after a backlash created after the initial "In Deutschmark" silver coin was first issued. The complain came from East Germany (DDR, GDR, German Democratic Republic) and as a result this new release was offered featuring the more specific "In Munchen" inscription together with the German Olympic logo.

Germany 1972 10DM Olympic Flame Silver Coin

Flame - The Olympic flame is an important part of the Olympic Games ceremony and it symbolises the theft of fire from the Greek god Zeus by Prometheus. The tradition of having the flame burn for the duration of the games started in Ancient Greece but was discarded until the 1928 games in Amsterdam. It has been used in every games since. The reverse design of this final coin in the 1972 Olympic series features a stylised version of the Olympic flame, with the Olympic rings logo beneath and the German Olympic spiral logo above.

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