Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Perth Mint Release 5th Coin In Highly Popular Deadly And Dangerous Series!

A spectacular addition to one of Australia’s hottest series, the latest issue in the Australian Deadly & Dangerous Series has just been unveiled! A typically superb illustration of The Perth Mint’s unrivalled full colour minting techniques, this vivid new legal tender collector coin pays homage to one of the world’s most lethal creatures – the Eastern Brown Snake.

Tuvalu 2010 $1 Easter Brown Snake 1oz Silver Proof

Fast and aggressive, the Eastern Brown Snake is also extremely poisonous. Indeed, the venom of the Eastern Brown Snake is said to be the second most toxic of all land snakes worldwide! Exceptionally dangerous, the bite of this species of snake can cause death in minutes, with even a young Eastern Brown Snake potentially able to deliver enough venom in a single bite to kill 20 adults. Growing to an average length of 1.4m, but known to grow up to 2.4m, the aggression of this lethal reptile has been captured perfectly upon the broad, 40.6mm flan of this unique, exclusive 1oz .999 fi ne Silver Proof.

Sure to catch the eye of full-colour coin collectors worldwide, the 2010 $1 Eastern Brown Snake Colour 1oz Silver Proof is essential for those who own any of the coins in the Deadly & Dangerous Series – all of which have sold out. Rarely offered, the soaring market values of the 2006 Redback Spider $1 (now A$1,000+), 2007 Great White Shark $1 (A$170+), 2008 Blue-Ringed Octopus $1 (A$200+) and 2009 Saltwater Crocodile $1 (A$165+) provides a very strong incentive for our clients to strike now – and secure the 2010 Deadly & Dangerous $1 at Official Issue Price!

  • Distinguished by a dramatic full-colour design of Australia’s lethal Eastern Brown Snake
  • Tiny worldwide mintage just 5,000 – sell-out assured
  • Crafted to Proof quality from 1oz of pure .999 silver
  • Struck by The Perth Mint as official Tuvalu legal tender of One Dollar
  • Beautifully presented within a high-gloss timber case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity

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