Monday, December 27, 2010

Israel Releases Tower of David First Gold Bullion Coin

May 2010: The Israeli Coin and Medal Corp has issued the first gold bullion coin to be released from Israel. The coin is the first in a new annual series entitled "Jerusalem of Gold" and is dedicated to various historical landmarks throughout the Holy Land. This inaugural release has been struck to honour the famous Tower of David that overlooks Old Jerusalem.

Israel 2010 20 New Sheqalim Tower of David Gold Brilliant Uncirculated

Since it's release in May 2010, the 20 New Sheqalim Tower of David gold coin has proven to be very popular with collectors across the globe, no doubt eager to own a piece of history. First release bullion coins tend to be like any other "first" on the collector market; whether it's numismatics, comic books, china or artworks - people scramble to own the first of any release as it will always be the most sought-after. The Tower of David gold coin has proven to follow suit, with the majority of it's 3600 mintage already exhausted across the primary market despite the price of 1 ounce of Gold being out of reach for a lot of collectors. Those discerning few who have managed to grab one of this historic issues will no doubt be holding on to them for a good long time.

The Tower of David as we know it these days is located on the site of the original tower of King David, however that tower was completely flattened many hundreds of years before the reconstructed tower was built. Since the reconstruction in the second century BCE, the tower has been destroyed and reconstructed a number of times due to various religious factions engaging in military attacks on the city in order to conquer it. These days the tower is regarded as a famous religious landmark and is visited by millions of people who come to the Holy Land of Jerusalem as tourists or pilgrims.

Each of these superb gold coins is struck from 31.10 grams (1 ounce) of 99.9% fine gold on a 32.00mm flan. The obverse design features the Lion of Megiddo motif, taken from an ancient seal found in the Northern Israeli community of Megiddo. This design will be common to all coins issued in the Jerusalem for Gold coin program. On the reverse is portion of the historic Tower of David as it overlooks Old Jerusalem. In the upper right is the face value of 20 Sheqalim, together with the year of issue (2010) as well as the Hebrew year (5771), with the 6-pointed Star of David below. Around the rim in the upper and right portions of the coin are the inscriptions for the country of issue and the coin specifications.

The coin is then encapsulated and housed within an official presentation case, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

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