Sunday, January 30, 2011

2011 Berlin World Money Fair - January 28-30 - Update

January 30, 2011: The 2011 World Money Fair in Berlin is wrapping up but it's been an exciting time for manufactures, distributors and collectors alike. As with previous shows, the world of numismatics converges on Berlin for a few days each year to either show their wares and snap up early orders for some exciting new (and old) coins. Every collecting niche has their own big convention, and for numismatics it doesn't get any bigger than Berlin.

2011 marks the 40th anniversary of the World Money Fair being held in Berlin, widely regarded as the centre of international numismatics. Each year a different country is chosen to be Guest of Honor at the event, with this years recipient being Poland and the Mennica Polska. The Mint of Poland has produced many splendid collector gold and silver coins throughout the years, as well as their affordable nordic gold selection. They have been successful in winning a number of awards for their designs, a testament to the fine work of the Warsaw sculptors - so it was an exciting prospect to have Poland as Guest of Honor, with a wide array of upcoming numismatic releases on display.

The Berlin World Money Fair is a must-visit event for any serious numismatist, whether it is something to do every year or just once in a lifetime, it is a truly captivating spectacle that any conscientious collector would revel in. With thousands of people from around the world converging on Berlin over the weekend, year after year the Berlin World Money Fair has grown to become the largest event of its type in the world - and specially so, as it brings together the Mints who produce the coins, distributors who for a number of mints are their only connection to selling coins to the public, and the regular collector themselves, who have come to see what the world of numismatics looks like for the new year.

Euro Collections International has a presence at each Berlin World Money Fair through being the official distributor of the Austrian Mint, although the show is generally used as a meeting point for other world mints and distributors, to see new numismatic items and to place orders. Below are some exciting up coming releases, images provided by the Krause Publications Numismatics Facebook page. We had an excellent and productive time at this years show, with plenty of new orders placed. If you were there we hope you did too and if you couldn't make it, well there's always next year. We look forward to presenting some exciting new release world coins to our collector friends in 2011.

The Berlin World Money Fair is also used to officially celebrate the winners of the Krause Publications Coin of the Year awards. The awards, honouring numismatic achievements for coins released in 2009, are a special highlight on the World Money Fair calendar, attended by many of the world's mints. The winners were announced late last year but Berlin provides the perfect location for a special ceremony to hand out awards and congratulate recipients. The winners of this years awards are as follows:

Most Historically Significant Coin
100 Tenge Silver Attila the Hun
Kazakhstan Mint

Best Contemporary Event Coin
10 Euro Silver Fall of the Berlin Wall
Monnaie de Paris

Best Gold Coin
100 Rand White Rhino
South African Mint

Best Silver Coin
20 Dollars Crystal Snowflake
Royal Canadian Mint

Best Crown Coin
20 Euro Silver Peace and Security Coin
Mint of Finland

Best Trade Coin
2 Euro Bi-metallic First Year of Euro Issuance
National Bank of Slovakia

Most Popular Coin
10 Euro Silver Basilisk of Vienna
Austrian Mint

Most Artistic Coin
300 Dollars Gold Native American Summer Moon Mask
Royal Canadian Mint

Most Innovative Coin
2 Pounds Silver-Crystal Life of the Sea Turtle
Pobjoy Mint

Most Inspirational Coin
10 Zlotych Silver World War II Polish Underground
Mint of Poland

We hope to see you there next year!

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