Friday, August 5, 2011

Introducing The World's First Triptych Silver Coin!

By the issuing authority of the Cook Islands, ECI is pleased to present a first in world numismatics with this stunning triptych silver coin, dedicated to the famous Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch and his world renowned work of art entitled "The Garden of Earthly Delights"

Cook Islands 2011 $9 Garden of Earthly Delights Silver Proof Triptych

Hieronymus Bosch was born Hieronymus van Aken. He signed a number of his paintings as "Bosch". The name derives from his birthplace, 's-Hertogenbosch, which is commonly called "Den Bosch". Little is known of Bosch’s life or training. He left behind no letters or diaries so nothing is known of his personality or his thoughts on the meaning of his art. It is generally assumed that either Bosch’s father or one of his uncles (as four out of the five brothers were painters) taught the artist to paint, but none of their works survive. He became a popular painter in his lifetime and often received commissions from abroad. In 1488 he joined the highly respected Brotherhood of Our Lady, an arch-conservative religious group of some 40 influential citizens of 's-Hertogenbosch, and 7,000 'outer-members' from around Europe.

Bosch produced several triptychs. Among his most famous is The Garden of Earthly Delights. This painting, for which the original title has not survived, depicts paradise with Adam and Eve and many wondrous animals on the left panel, the earthly delights with numerous nude figures and tremendous fruit and birds on the middle panel, and hell with depictions of fantastic punishments of the various types of sinners on the right panel. When the exterior panels are closed the viewer can see, painted in grisaille, God creating the Earth. These paintings—especially the Hell panel—are painted in a comparatively sketchy manner which contrasts with the traditional Flemish style of paintings. In this painting Bosch draws with his brush. Not surprisingly, Bosch is also one of the most revolutionary draftsmen in the history of art, producing some of the first autonomous sketches in Northern Europe.

Each panel of the triptych silver coin shows a different panel of the original painting, with the left panel showing the Garden of Eden and the moment that God presented Eve to Adam. The larger middle panel shows the expansive garden landscape from which the painting takes its name. It is neither paradise nor the terrestrial plain, as fantastic creatures are seen mingling with real, all amongst a bevvy of nude males and females engaging in a wide variety of activities. The right panel, perhaps the most famous of the triptych, symbolises Hell, where humans have succumb to the temptations of the Devil and reap eternal damnation.

The three individual coins are all struck from 92.5% sterling silver with the following specification:

Right Panel:
Diameter - 17.50mm x 35.00mm
Weight - 15.56 grams
Denomination - 2 Dollars

Middle Panel:
Diameter - 35.00mm x 35.00mm
Weight - 31.10 grams
Denomination - 5 Dollars

Left Panel:
Diameter - 17.50mm x 35.00mm
Weight - 15.56 grams
Denomination - 2 Dollars

Each panel of the triptych silver coin is individually encapsulated for ultimate protection, and presented in a high quality fold-out timber display unit that beautifully showcases this exquisite numismatic creation. Accompanying this impressive presentation is an information booklet detailing the history of Bosch and further details of the Garden of Earthly Delights painting. Also supplied is a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the exclusive worldwide mintage of just 500 coins.

The Cook Islands 2011 $9 Garden of Earthly Delights Silver Proof Triptych is currently available through the Euro Collections International website.

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