Thursday, June 18, 2009

Germany Issues Silver Coin To Commemorate 100th Anniversary of International Aerospace Exhibition

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first German International Aerospace Exhibition, held in Frankfurt am Maim in 1909. The exhibition, known in Germany as Internationale Luft- und Raumfahrtausstellung (ILA) is a bi-annual event now held on the southern section of the Berlin-Schönefeld Airport. the IAE is counted as one of the largest and most important of the aerospace exhibitions held over the world.

Germany 2009 10€ 100th Anniv International Aerospace Exhibition Silver BU

As the IAE was first held 100 years ago it has claim to also being the oldest aviation show in the world. Not only that, but the first show was also the inspiration of various flying clubs to combine and form the German Pilots' Association in April 1910, followed soon after by the Association of German Aircraft Makers. This established a close connection between the IAE and the future Federal Association of the Aerospace Industry (BDLI), an organisation that still exists today. The first IAE lasted no less than 100 days and was kicked off by a stunning display of dozens of hot air balloons ascending to the heavens.

It's no wonder then that the Munich Mint has produced such a stunning commemorative silver issue to go along with such a prestigious and important event. Featured on the reverse is a beautifully detailed composition linked together by an image of a modern commercial passenger airplane coming in to land on a runway. On either side of the plane are sections dedicated to historic modes of aviations, from hot air balloons and gliders, to helicopters, jet aircraft and even the international space station. Around the rim of the coin is the inscription for the anniversary reading "100 Years International Aerospace Exhibition". The obverse contains the familiar elements of German 10 euro commemorative silver coins, that of the Eagle motif, symbolic of the State Emblem of the Federal Republic of Germany. The Eagle design is different for each commemorative issue, and is styled to compliment the reverse designs. Above the eagle are the 12 stars signifying the European Union. Below is the nominal face value of 10 euros, with the "D" mintmark of the Munich Mint below that. At the very bottom is the inscription "Federal Republic of Germany 2009".

Each coin is struck from 18 grams of 92.5% sterling silver on a 32.50mm flan. The coin is available in both brilliant uncirculated and proof quality, with the same design featured on both coins. The brilliant uncirculated issue is supplied in a protective plastic flip, while the proof coin is encapsulated in hard plastic.

Euro Collection International currently has stock of both the Germany 2009 10€ 100th Anniv International Aerospace Exhibition Silver Proof and Germany 2009 10€ 100th Anniv International Aerospace Exhibition Silver BU available to order through our website.

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