Monday, June 8, 2009

Perth Mint Release Australian $1 Year of Astronomy Silver Coin With Colour!

May 22, 2009: The Perth Mint have issued a stunning tribute marking the International Year of Astronomy as part of it's commemorative silver coin issues for 2009. Struck to the high proof standards of the Perth Mint the coin also features the eye-catching enhancement of a richly coloured "night sky". The International Year of Astronomy is a joint initiative set out between the International Astronomical Union and UNESCO, designed to bring attention to the skies for people in general but young people in particular.

Australia 2009 $1 Astronomy 1oz Silver Proof

Issued as an Australia one dollar legal tender issue, the coin is part of celebrations marking 2009 as the International Year of Astronomy. This year was given the title due to two significant anniversaries of an astronomical theme; the 400th anniversary of the first recorded astronomical observations with a telescope by Galileo Galilei - as well as the 400th anniversary of the publication of Johannes Kepler's "A New Astronomy" manuscript which detailed the first two of his three laws on planetary motion. Both events played major parts in our understanding of the universe we are amongst, and advanced our knowledge of the stars and beyond.

This beautiful silver coin with colour features on it's reverse a design of two young people using a modern telescope to gaze out amongst the coloured representation of the night sky. In the upper right is the Southern Cross constellation, of symbolic importance to Australia. In the upper left is the inscription "International Year of Astronomy 2009". The Perth Mint "P" mintmark is found to the lower left. The obverse features the majestic profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by expert sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley. Also found on the obverse is the year and country of issue and the nominal face value.

Each coin is struck from approximately 1 ounce (31.10 grams) of 99.9% fine silver on a 40.60mm flan in exact proof quality. The special celebratory issue is housed in official Perth Mint packaging including jewel case and stylish outer box with certificate of authenticity confirming a mintage of only 7500 coins issued worldwide. Euro Collections International currently has stocks of the Australia 2009 $1 Astronomy 1oz Silver Proof available to order through the website.

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