Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Austrian Mint Issues 2010 Calendar Medal And Lucky Tokens

The Austrian Mint continues it's on-going series of Calendar Medals and Lucky Tokens with this great new issues to celebrate 2010 and bring good fortune for the new year!

Austria 2010 Calendar Medal Silver Proof

The 2010 calendar medal issued by the Austrian Mint honours the year's regent Apollo, the sun god.

The medal designed and engraved by the Mint’s Chief Engraver, Thomas Pesedorfer depicts the mighty Apollo also know as Helios in Greek mythology. Apollo's personification by the sun is highlighted in the rays of light surrounding him. He points to the sun and the words, "Jahr der Sonne", or year of the sun around the upper left edge of the medal. He masterfully controls his four winged stallions with one hand as they pull his chariot through the sky.

In the background the mighty lion is represented, which is the ascendant sign to Leo. The sign that is present at the time of birth governs our personality, and appearance. The hard working, loyal and maybe somewhat conservative Leo’s will shine in 2010. Those born under the sign of Leo will find the year 2010 particularly meaningful.

On the other side of the medal all the Sundays are depicted as rays of sunlight emanating from the central figure underlining the bright year that 2010 represents.

The calendar medal has been an Austrian tradition since the 1930’s. Annually the medal changes to reflect a respective year’s regent and astrological ruler. The calendar medal is struck in 900 fine silver, weighs 26 grams and has a diameter of 40 millimetres.


Austria 2010 Lucky Token Silver UNC

The Austrian Lucky tokens continue to be an annual tradition since the 1930’s. People give them to their friends and family who will carry them for a year in their pockets and purses just for a wee bit of extra luck throughout the coming year.

Austria 2010 Lucky Token Gold UNC

In 2010 our lucky friend, the chimney sweep takes flight, in a hot air balloon and travels the world. Warm soft breezes help him spread good luck through the four leaf clovers he sprinkles from above to all corners of the globe.

The other side of the token carries the traditional verse that loosely translated means: "Although I am small and round I will bring you luck all year round."

Austria 2010 Lucky Token Bronze UNC

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