Monday, September 14, 2009

Perth Mint Issue Latest In Popular "Battles" And "Orbital" Series, And Kick Off New "Sea Life" Silver Coins Program

September 15, 2009: A big day from the Perth Mint with three new stunning silver coin issues being released today. Two of these are from popular, on-going series', while the 3rd marks the beginning of a new, eye-catching silver coin program devoted to Australian sea life.

Cook Islands 2009 $1 Man On The Moon Orbital 1oz Silver Proof

The first cab off the rank is the 3rd issue in the popular and highly innovative "orbital" coin series dedicated to mankind's achievements in space. The series started in 2007 and has seen one coin released each year with a compelling "orbital" function that allows the reverse design to rotate around a central image of the planet Earth. The 2007 Sputnik and 2008 Yuri Gagaurin 1 ounce silver proof issues have proven to be very popular amongst collectors of original coinage, and the 2009 First Man on the Moon release is likely to beat all expectations. This is on account of the theme of the coin, being one of the most significant in human history, and also that the coin has been released in the year of the 40th anniversary of Neil Armstrong taking the first step on the surface of the moon. This momentous occasion has been skillfully immortalised in eye-catching form with the use of full-colour pad printing to create a bright realm of the cosmos, together with images of the mission struck in 99.9% silver. The outer surface can then be rotated around the central image of the stationary Earth, making this a truly unique collector tribute item.
The Cook Islands 2009 $1 Man On The Moon Orbital 1oz Silver Proof is presented in a specially designed oval-shaped jewel case with commemorative outer box, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Available now at the Official Issue Price of the Perth Mint, these coins are set to rocket into oblivion, if previous demand in the series is anything to go by. Sure to be of keen interest to coin collectors and space enthusiasts alike, the orbit series coins make for beautiful gifts on account of their universal theme and amazing colour and detail.


Next up is the 4th coin in the also-extremely-popular silver coin series dedicated to famous battles throughout history. The 5-coin series, which sees a new coin issued every two months, has so far commemorated the battles of Hastings(1066), Cannae(216BC) and Thermopylae(480BC), all featured in glorious 99.9% silver with stunning full-colour pad printing depicting a scene taken from each respective historical conflict.

Tuvalu 2009 $1 Battle Of Balaklava 1oz Silver Proof

The Battle of Balaklava occurred on October 25, 1854 and was fought as part of the Crimean War between the Anglo-French-Turkish soldiers and the Russian troops. On that fateful day the allied forces were attempting to conquer the port and fortress at Sevastopol, the strongest naval base on the Black Sea. The three countries spread their troops around the Russian army, however the Russian General Liprandi sent a barricade of troops to engage the British contingent, hoping to disrupt the supply chain between the British base and their siege lines. The British troops, under the command Lord Raglan, were outnumbered, and due to a misinterpretation of the Lord's orders the Brits engaged in one of their most disastrous military defeats in history, the Charge of the Light Brigade.
As with the previous coins issued in this series, this 31.13 gram silver coin features an eye-catching full-colour image taken from the historical battle. In this case it is a reproduction of the painting by Richard Caton Woodville, showing the ill-fated Charge of the Light Brigade in captivating colour. Struck into the coin are images of a Russian soldier and a cavalryman on horseback. The obverse is common to this series and carries the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II together with the 1 dollar face value, the country and also year of issue.

Each Tuvalu 2009 $1 Battle Of Balaklava 1oz Silver Proof is presented in an official jewel case with full-colour outer box specially designed for the coins in this series. A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies each legal tender issue.


Lastly, and by no means least, the Perth Mint have begun a brand new series of Australian legal tender silver coins under the theme of "Australian Sea Life". The series for these 50 cent commemorative coins runs similarly to the Historical Battles series, with a new issue in this 5-coin program released every two months. The first in the series is dedicated to the Lionfish, with future issues seeing the Leafy Sea Dragon, Clownfish, Seahorse and Moray Eel immortalised in a combination of 99.9% silver and eye-catching full-colour pad printing. Coming off the highly sought-after Deadly and Dangerous coins, we expect a great deal of interest from this new sister series.

Australia 2009 50c Lionfish 1/2oz Silver Proof

The Lionfish is the name given to any of several species of venomous marine fish in the genera Pterois, Parapterois, Brachypterois, Ebosia or Dendrochirus, of the family Scorpaenidae. The Lionfish is distinguished by it's unique appearance, with it's extremely long and separated spines and striped markings that come in colours such as red, green, navy green, brown, orange, yellow, black, maroon, or white. The fish is found in the tropical regions of the Western, Northern and Eastern Australian coastlines, and is native to the Indo-pacific region - however introduction of the species to other areas now sees the fish found in tropical regions all over the world. The Lionfish is known to have venomous dorsal spines and when threatened will often turn upside down to bring these spines to bear. While the sting of a Lionfish is not usually fatal to human, it can cause extreme pain, headaches and vomiting, and anyone envenomed by the Lionfish should seek immediate medical attention.

The reverse coin design features a beautifully depicted full-colour image of the Lionfish, expertly pad printed onto the coin by the Perth Mint. Simple, yet captivating, the coin also has the title of the series and the name of the fish inscribed in silver. The obverse, which will be common to all coins in the series, shows the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II together with the denomination, coin specifications, country and year of issue. The coin is struck from 15.57 grams of silver on a 36.60mm flan to the mint's highest proof standards.

As is the way with Perth Mint commemorative products, each Australia 2009 50c Lionfish 1/2oz Silver Proof is beautifully presented in an official jewel case and full-colour outer box, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Please Note: Due to overwhelming demand ECI have exhausted their allocation of the Lionfish coin. We are currently looking into the secondary market to try and obtain more. Follow us on Twitter for instant notification of when/if this product is available again.

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