Thursday, September 10, 2009

Austrian Mint Releases 2008 Annual Report Figures

The Austrian Mint have released their annual financial report, marking 2008 as an extremely successful year. This is thanks to, in no small part, the decision to strike the Vienna Philharmonic bullion coin in silver for the first time, a decision that has proved lucrative for the Mint and it's worldwide distributors. Following the success of the bullion silver issues is the innovative silver/niobium commemorative coins, which have been growing in popularity with each year of production. The 2008 issue, dedicated to the Fascination of Light, and bearing a distinctive green niobium core, has been by far the more popular release of the series.

The following is an excerpt from the preface of the report:

The Austrian Mint today is a leading mint with state-of-the-art technology and great prospects for the future. The main reason for this is, of course, our coins. More than 800 years of company history are also a solid foundation for looking confidently towards the future. Not least the pleasure our staff take in proving their skills internationally is also a good reason for being confident: we want to create coins today which will delight tomorrow.

It's that final statement that rings the truest, with Austrian Mint products proving to be some of the most sought after and collected coins on the planet it seems they have a reason to be confident. Looking at their product range it's easy to see why.

Whether it is the recently completed "Austrian Railways" series, the aforementioned silver/niobium annual releases, "Famous Physicians" gold issues, previous collections such as the Great Abbeys, or new series' "Tales and Legends of Austria" or "Crowns of the Hapsburg Empire", the expert attention to detail, the stunning craftsmanship, and the state-of-the-art minting technology is evident in every individual coin produced. This is a skill the men and women of the Austrian Mint have honed over many decades, through several generations, dating back before 1919 when the Austrian Mint became the sole mint of Austria. It would be more then 35 years later before the first silver commemorative coin was released (Reopening of the state theatre), but whether it be for circulation shilling and euros coins or commemorative tribute silver issues, the high level of commitment and quality is always there.

The Vienna Philharmonic coin has been appearing in silver since February 2008 - as the first euro denominated bullion coin. With this, the Austrian Mint has augmented the quartet of Vienna Philharmonic gold coins for the first time with an investment product in silver. The silver ounce has become, in just over a year, one of the most sought-after coins in the world today.

Besides the bullion coin, the Austrian Mint released 10 commemorative collector coins in 2008:

- 50 Euro Ignaz Philipp Semmelweiss Gold Proof

- 25 Euro The Fascination of Light Silver Niobium Brilliant Uncirculated

- 5 Euro Football Pair - Forward & Dribbling - Silver BU

- 10 Euro The Abbey of Klosterneuburg Silver Proof & BU

- 5 Euro 100th Birthday of H.V. Karajan Silver BU

- 20 Euro Belle Epoque Silver Proof

- 20 Euro Empress Elisabeth Western Railway Silver Proof

- 10 Euro Abbey of Seckau Silver Proof & BU

- 100 Euro The Crown of the Holy Roman Empire Gold Proof

Each of these coins has generated great anticipation and demand throughout the year. More and more world collectors are discovering the incredible value for money of these pieces, as shown in the intricately detailed designs, the perfectly struck contours and the popular themes. It's a winning combination for the Austrian Mint which has seen them approached by other countries to assist in the product of coins outside of Austria. This is especially true with the silver & niobium struck coins, with countries such as Latvia and Luxembourg having their own silver and niobium commemorative issues struck at the Austrian Mint, testament to the expert reputation the skilled craftsmen and women of the mint have earned by producing nothing but the very best.

Euro Collections International is honored to be an official distributor for the Austrian Mint, having started the company almost a decade ago thanks to the agreement which originally saw ECI only stock Austrian Mint products. We have a trusted relationship with the mint and as such we get first hand knowledge of new releases, and stock the widest range of Austrian Mint products outside the mint itself! Below is just a fraction of the 170-odd individual product lines that ECI offers from Austria, ranging from pre-euro shillings, tokens and medallions, through to coin sets and the very latest 2009 issues. More products can be found by browsing our Austrian Products Category, and join our mailing list or follow us on Twitter to get up-to-date notifications of new releases to our site.

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